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Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits and Lab Reagents

Norgen holds more than 2 dozen issued and pending patents. They developed a unique platform for  technology based on a propitiatory resin/matrix with many applications including the purification, concentration and clean-up of DNA,RNA and proteins. 

ELISA & Rapid Test Kits

Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. is a global leader in diagnostic innovation. Founded in 1989, the company reaches 168 countries with its Broad line of diagnostic test kits. These products include ELISA kits, Rapid Tests, Chemiluminescence kits, Serology kits, IFA kits and instruments.

Plastic Consumables

Shaoxing ShangYu Mingji Plastic Co., Ltd is famous  Lab Consumables Suppliers and Disposable Plastic Ware Manufactures. They are professional in manufacturing lab disposable for more than 10 years. .

Comprehensive Software for Gene expression analysis

GenEx™, the popular software for the processing and analysis of real-time qPCR data, provides a multitude of functionalities for the qPCR community. Its capabilities ranges from basic data pre-processing and management to advanced cutting-edge data analysis. GenEx™ provides methods to select and validate reference genes, classify samples, group genes, monitor time dependent processes, and much more.

Reagents for Molecular Biology

Chembion is an international trade mark of the Russian manufacturers of reagents for molecular biology. They offer common reagents, like nucleotides (including dNTPs), enzymesDNA laddersmastermixes and some specialty products, mostly modified nucleotides .

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