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Serving research fraternity of the region since 2011 with quality products and services. We have custom tailored products and services for every sector of the community. With a state-of-the-art Molecular Biology Laboratory, we provide swift services for competitive price.  



Extraction kits, Lab Reagents, ELISA & Enzymes, Plastic consumables, Lab instruments, Lab services, software for qPCR and NGS data analysis, Professional Training by TATAA.



Prenatal Test Kits, NutriTest wellness Kits, Rapid Test Kits, ELISA Kits, Other genetic Tests, Hospital Instruments, Lab disposables.
Professional hands-on Training by TATAA.



Prenatal Test Kits, Genetic Carrier Testing kits, Single Gene Disorders Test Kits, Monogenic Diseases Test Kits, NutriTest Wellness test kit etc.,


Research Students

Professional Hands-on Training in our Molecular Biology Lab by our experts at your convenience.
Professional Training by TATAA.

Technology Partners

DNA Extraction Kits, RNA Extraction Kits, Protein Extraction Kits, DNA sampling Kits for Forensic, ELISA Kits, Enzymes, Primers, Laboratory Consumables like Pipette tips, tubes etc, Reagents

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