Products for Hospitals / clinics

Diagnostic Test Kits


With only one blood sample, you can easily and quickly test your unborn child for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down's Syndrome. A NIPT test means safety by giving you safe answers as early as before v.12.


Customize your lifestyle to your genes. Based on information about your succession, we provide you with a diet plan and recommendations for a better life that makes the change both possible and easy.

ELISA Test Kits & Rapid Test Kits

Biopanda Reagents develops and manufactures in vitro test kits for clinical laboratories, veterinary practice, environmental protection, and food safety, both locally and globally. Biopanda provides innovative, high quality and cost-effective test reagents that offer the sensitivity, specificity and reproducible that customers demand. They work closely with universities, research institutes, and other organisations to research and develop new technologies and reagents for our customers.

Surgical Sutures

Dynek has been manufacturing quality sutures in South Australia since 1974 and during this time has not remained inward looking; instead, a commitment to achieving the highest standards has prevailed, ensuring dynamic growth and world-class status as a supplier of the best surgical products. 

Plastic Consumables

Maxxline is a division of the company Dacos A/S, which has acquired extensive experience and expertise in the production of plastic consumables for laboratories since 1997. The experience is partially achieved by working with, and selling to, leading laboratory technicians all over the world for many years. 

All Maxxline products are designed and manufactured in Denmark. We work exclusively with the best materials and product designs that optimizes the manufacturing. The material use and the power consumption are kept to a minimum. Our products are produced of raw materials compliant to applicable regulations and standards, and are free of any substances considered dangerous for the environment. 

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