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AccuVis Bio, an ISO 9001:2008 Company, is the house of Molecular Biology Products and Services and an innovative company specializing in Molecular Diagnostics and Biotechnology. We are located in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi.

We have a variety of Molecular Biology products and related services to offer you and we are the sole distributor for NORGEN BIOTEK, Canada for the Entire Middle East and North African Region.Also We are the agents of the following Prestige Manufacturers for the region;

  • Cortez Diagnostics, California - ELISA Kits and Equipments
  • Jena Biosciences, Germany - Restriction Enzymes
  • Ecoli, Slovak - Molecular Biology Diagnostic Kits (CE Marked)
  • Woodley Equipments - Veterinary Equipments
  • GFL, Germany - Lab Instrumentation
  • ESSE3 srl, Italy - Lab Instrumentation 

Our market is ranging from academia to pharmaceutical industry. We are working to disseminate knowledge through transforming theoretical concepts to tangible applications in biotechnology.

CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS: Telephone: +971 2 6676212 Fax: + 971 2 6670123