Company Profile

AccuVis Bio is a biotechnology company developing proprietary biotechnology-derived technology platform that has multiple applications in life sciences, manufacturing live cell rapid detection, diagnostics, monitoring and therapeutic applications. Our technologies are simple, reliable and rapid test solutions that detect viable bacteria and other microorganisms quantitatively in less than 2 hours, several times faster than traditional petri culture technology, and more cost effectively than PCR protocol.

AccuVis Bio is a biotechnology company created with the goal to develop, manufacture and market potential rapid detection, diagnosis, monitoring and therapeutic applications.

AccuVis Bio strive to lead  and provide the Middle East markets with innovative in-vitro and in-vivo rapid diagnostics and medical solutions that are simple, easy to perform with excellent analytical sensitivity, specificity and cost-effective.

AccuVis Bio technologies and innovative offerings are based on multiple assay formats, adapted to multiple platforms and serving multiple stakeholders that, as a whole, might provide what the Middle East markets needs for a particular problem(s) and to enjoy complex quality care at lower total cost of operation and enhanced detection, diagnosis and treatment experience.

AccuVis Bio headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has local and international development and commercial capabilities. At the time of its founding the company already had exclusive access to more than 200 innovative and patented bacteriophages.


AccuVis Bio is committed to bring innovative and exceptional technologies to impact positively the lives of the Middle East people. We strive to make their daily lives and environment safer and healthier.


AccuVis Bio is scientists-led, customer focused organization whose success stems from dedication to technology and innovation, teamwork, and integrity.