We offer an oligo synthesis service on various scales using high-quality raw materials and an optimized process. The synthesized oligos are used in various biology and medical fields such as DNA sequencing, PCR, SNP study, gene synthesis, NGS service, qPCR service, biochip and siRNA expression.

** Now you can avail a flat 20% discount on every order which will have min 300 bases.



June 2019

Special Offers - unbeatable price, immediate delivery !!

qPCR SybrMaster

 2 x 1.25ml (2X conc.) – Cat# PCR-372S

qPCR SybrMaster is designed for quantitative real-time analysis of DNA samples. The mix contains all reagents required for qPCR in a premixed 2x concentrated ready-to-use solution

SCRIPT One-Step RT-qPCR GreenMaster

500uL (2X conc.) Cat# PCR-514XS

SCRIPT One-Step RT-qPCR GreenMaster is designed for quantitative real-time analyses of RNA templates using the fluorescent DNA stain EvaGreen®. 

SCRIPT cDNA Synthesis Kit

20 reactions x 20uL Cat# PCR-511XS

SCRIPT cDNA Synthesis Kit contains all reagents required for first strand cDNA synthesis in one box combining simple handling with high flexibility. 

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